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Jeep Cherokee XJ Year Model Differences

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The Jeep Cherokee  XJ, better known as the Jeep Cherokee, was introduced in 1984 by the American Motors Corporation. It has been widely hailed as one of the best sport utility vehicles of all time, and despite production ceasing in 2001, they are still highly sought after by four wheel drive enthusiasts. Over the years, the Cherokee has been produced in several models, with many options. 

The 1984 base Jeep Cherokee  XJ, as its name suggests, is a no-frills model with little in the way of amenities. The vehicle, which was a step up, added a few extras, such as carpeting, additional instrument gauges, a full center console, and a rear wiper/washer. At the top of the line was Boss, which added exterior trim, white-lettered rims and deck stripes.

Laredo was added to the Jeep product line in 1985. The Laredo added popular features such as plush interior, pinstripes, and alloy wheels. A two-wheel drive version was also made available for all models.

In 1986, a new, more powerful engine was introduced, adding 12 horsepower. Also, a "Road Vehicle" package was added which took drivers who could only dream of going before. A 4.0-liter engine became standard in 1987, offering even more power and towing capacity. In 1987, the Jeep Cherokee  XJ replaced its three-speed manual transmission with a four-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, 1987 saw the introduction of a top-of-the-line Limited model with all the amenities, including power seats, locks, power steering and windows, leather seats,. 

Jeep Cherokee XJ Headlights

Another model was on the market in 1988---the Sport, which was basically a base model with alloy wheels and other minor additions. Nineteen Ninety-One saw another increase in power for the Cherokee: The addition of fuel injected crank the engine up to 130 horsepower. Production ceased on the Briarwood was brought to the fore, best known for the faux woodgrain upholstery on its exterior. As we know, the Jeep Cherokee xj led headlights are 5x7 in headlights which fit for the stock lights perfectly.

In 1993, the number of available Jeep Cherokee  XJ models was reduced to three --- the base model, the Sport and the Country, with the Country already featuring most of the features previously found on the Limited. Stainless steel exhausts are added, for the first time on all models.

From 1993 to 1996, the changes to the XJ were mostly minor in nature. With its 1997 model year, however, the vehicle received a refit. While the exterior looks very similar, the interior now offers a CD player, climate control, cup holders, and other features that had become popular with drivers.

The following year saw the reintroduction of the Limited, which replaced the Country as the range-topping Jeep Cherokee  XJ, and the introduction of the Classic. That was the final model introduction for the Jeep Cherokee  XJ, however, and production ceased in 2001.
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