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Jeep Wrangler 2020 Integrates Two New Special Editions: Willys and Black & Tan

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Update time : 2019-11-21 11:01:06
Jeep unveils two new personalities for its Wrangler 2020 model: Willys and Black & Tan, which are distinguished from the rest by having unique features in exterior and interior design.

Wrangler willys
Starting with the new special edition Willys, as the name says, is a vehicle that pays tribute to the first Jeep in history. At first glance it has a sticker on the outside with the name of the version.

As for the equipment, it has LED headlights and fog lights as standard equipment; in addition the tone of the grill in bright black denotes once again that it is a special vehicle. It integrates 17-inch wheels in Gray Pad color and of course off-road tires.

Jeep Wrangler Willys Edition
The Wrangler Willys 2020 version offers the Command-Trac 4x4 system, which acts when four-wheel power is required, such as in off-road or slippery conditions, the system is operated to help you easily follow.

This special edition in its two-door variant is around $ 700,000 pesos, while for the Unlimited version it reaches almost $ 800,000 pesos.

Wrangler Black & Tan
Now, for this variant we find a little more noticeable changes, starting with the top of the vehicle in brown, creating a rather striking contrast and very well achieved.

Other details that stand out in the new Wrangler Black & Tan are the side steps, the badges and the 17-inch wheels in a Machine Granite tone, which is similar to an opaque gray.

Since 2018, they use 9 inch headlights, so there are 9 inch Jeep JL led headlights for Jeep Wrangler 2018+.

Inside, the color combination continues to match the exterior, as the seats also stand out in brown in addition to the instrument panel in Wizard Black.

Jeep Wrangler Black Tan Edition
As standard equipment it has a 7-inch touch screen and of course all 4x4 systems that make a Jeep the perfect vehicle for adventure.

The prices for this version are very similar because they are around $ 700,000 and approximately $ 750,000 pesos.

For now there are no specific data on whether these variants will reach the Mexican market.
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