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2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Ford F150 Led Fog Lights Assembly

Item No.: MS-F150E
This led fog light assembly is the best option for obstructions like fog, snow, rain or dust. It is compatible for 2015-2019 Ford F150.
The Ford led fog/driving lights are one of the most important car accessories for Ford F150 pickup. In order for vehicle drivers to be able to drive their vehicles safely in traffic at all times, they must of course have sufficient visibility. Various lighting systems on the vehicle provide the necessary foresight and perspective. Ford F150 led fog light assembly is the best option for obstructions like fog, snow, rain or dust. Led fog lights are superior to conventional incandescent lamps in some ways. They have a higher light output, a longer service life and less glare. That makes them extremely efficient. These led fog lights fit for 2015-2019 Ford F150.

Specification of Ford F150 Led Fog Lights

Model Number MS-F150E
Brand Morsun
Car Ford
Model F150
Height 69mm/ 2.72inch
Width 116mm/ 4.57 inch
Depth 102.5mm/4.04 inch
Color Temperature 6500K
Voltage 12-24V DC
Watt 16W
Lumen 497lm
Outer Lens Material Pc
Housing Material Die-cast Aluminum
Housing Color Black
Outer Lens Color Clear
Inner Bezel Color Black/ Chrome

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Features of Ford F150 Led Fog Light Assembly

  • Original LED chips--LED fog Lights are much brighter than halogen lights. Built with high-intensity led chips, these fog lights are brighter with minimized glare and light scattering that will make it easier for you to see what lies ahead without blinding the oncoming drivers against night and inclement weather.
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation System--Die-cast aluminum alloy housing can efficiently dissipate more heat and keep cool, make the lamp lifespan that more than 50,000hrs; IP waterproof 65 rating ensures all-weather dependability.
  • Easy to Install--Plug and play. There is no extra wire harness needed, just plug directly into the stock adapter. It only takes you 15-20 minutes to finish the installation.
  • Durable Construction--The steady housing made of strengthened PC lens and solid ABS plastic is impact scratch-resistant. Which it's strong enough to deal with all kinds of bad conditions.


2019 Ford F150
2018 Ford F150
2017 Ford F150
2016 Ford F150
2015 Ford F150


Quality Control

Led Headlights Quality Control from Morsun
  1. Raw material inspection
  2. Chip mounting
  3. Check PCB electrical parameters
  4. Put heat-conducting silicone grease and PCB into the housing
  5. 2 hours aging test of the semi-finished product
  6. Assembled optical component dust removal and cleaning
  7. Check electrical parameters and optical correction
  8. Assembling lens by machine
  9. Lens fixture
  10. 2 hours aging test and vacuum pumping to solve inside fog problem
  11. Laser logo
  12. Packing and shipping


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