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Can I Mount Additional Headlights on My Motorcycle?

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Update time : 2019-09-25 17:09:27
It is recommended that you inform yourself prior to putting additional headlights around the motorcycle. The present legislation is extremely strict, if you don't satisfy the needs from the Vehicle Rules, you'll have to face important problems.

These problems would arise in the first instance when trying to pass the ITV and could also result in penalties by traffic agents.

We have to tell you that you can place them without performing any type of procedure as long as you carry them below normal light, one on each side and parallel. They have to be white fog lights.

If you do it this way you will not have any problem when you take the motorcycle to pass the ITV.

However, if you place them in another location you will need to start an administrative process that is not precisely simple and that will force you to take a series of steps that lead to some difficulties.

Under these conditions, the placement of BMW led auxiliary fog lights for R1200GS is considered to be a motorcycle renovation. Therefore you need an administrative authorization to perform it. A process that involves a series of very important steps that you cannot skip.

If you do not carry out this procedure, keep in mind that in this case the regulations on motorcycle headlights are the same throughout the national territory. You have to comply with what is required by the motorcycle headlight law.

What you need to place the additional bulbs according to the motorcycle headlight law

1. Report of the manufacturer or technical service
To avoid problems you have to get a report or an opinion issued by the manufacturer of your motorcycle or its legal representative.

However, most likely they will not provide it because the usual policy of the teams is usually not to accept such requests.

If it happens to you, you will have no choice but to resort to plan B, which consists in obtaining a report issued by an Official Laboratory or Technical Service accredited for vehicle reforms.

This document will attest that after the reform the motorcycle will comply with all environmental and safety requirements established by current regulations.

2. Workshop certificate
You also need a signed and stamped certificate in the workshop in which the additional lighting is placed. In it they have to specify what the reform has been and certify that the final result is compatible with the current motorcycle headlight regulations.

3. Application before the approval authority
The previous documents must be delivered to the approval authority that will have a period of 6 months to respond positively or negatively to the request made by the owner of the motorcycle

If after this period of time they are not pronounced, it will be understood that the authorization has been denied.

4. Take the motorcycle and documentation to the ITV
If permission is granted, the owner must take his motorcycle to the ITV within 15 days. And logically, you will have to provide all the documents obtained throughout the administrative process.

During the inspection of the vehicle it will be verified that the reform has been carried out correctly and if the conditions required to circulate on public roads have been modified. If the inspection result is positive, this will be recorded on the ITV card. If it were necessary, a new one would be issued.

Before making any kind of change in the lighting of your motorcycle, review all that we have said so far because they cannot be done capriciously. The regulations in force are quite restrictive and not very permeable to changes in the headlights on the motorcycle. So before taking a step, make sure you do the right thing.
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