DOT Emark Approved 1977-2024 4x4 Lada Niva Led Headlights Conversion Upgrade

Sku: MS-881W-Lada
These aftermarket Lada Niva led headlights come with high beam, low beam, white halo drl and amber turn signal, DOT and Emark approved, fits for 1977-2024 Lada Niva 4x4 vehicles.
  • Lamp Type:Led Headlights
  • Diameter:7 inch round
  • Beam Modes:High beam, low beam, white halo drl, amber turn signals
  • Color Temperature:6500K
  • Voltage:12V DC
  • Theoretical Power:45W High Beam, 30W Low Beam
  • Theoretical Lumen:3600lm High Beam, 2400lm Low Beam
  • Actual Power:36W High Beam, 24W Low Beam
  • Actual Lumen:1469lm High Beam, 1195lm Low Beam
  • Outer Lens Material:PC
  • Outer Lens Color:Clear
  • Housing Material:Die-cast Aluminum
  • Housing Color:Black/Chrome
  • Waterproof Rate:IP67
  • Lifespan:More than 50,000hrs
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Certification:DOT SAE, Emark
  • Fitment:1977-2024 Lada Niva
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  • Color:
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Upgrade your Lada Niva 4x4 off road vehicle with our 7 inch round led headlights. Our led headlights for Lada Niva 4x4 are DOT and Emark approved, they come with 4 beam modes including high beam, low beam, white halo DRL and amber turn signals, ensure optimal visibility in various driving conditions from city streets to off-road trails. The high brightness output not only enhances safety but also illuminates the road ahead with exceptional clarity, with the waterproof design, these 4x4 Lada Niva led headlights are ready to conquer any weather, providing reliability and longevity. The PC lens and die-cast aluminum housing construction provide durability and excellent heat dissipation performance. Plug and play, longevity for 50000 hours.

4x4 Lada Niva Led Headlights Technical Parameters

Model Number MS-881W
Brand Morsun
Car Lada Niva
Model All 4x4 Lada Niva models
Dimension 7 inch led headlight
High Beam 45W 3600LM
Low Beam 30W 2400LM
Halo Ring White halo
Color Temperature 6500K
Housing Material Die-cast aluminum housing
Housing Color Black/Chrome
Lens Material PC
Waterproof Rate IP67
Certifications DOT SAE, Emark
Lifespan More than 50,000hrs
Warranty 12 Months

Features of Jeep Wrangler JK Halo Headlights

  • DOT and Emark Approved
    Our aftermarket LED headlights Lada Niva for  come with both DOT (Department of Transportation) and Emark approvals, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards. With these certifications, you can trust that your headlights meet the necessary regulations for road use, providing peace of mind and legal compliance.
  • High Brightness
    Experience unparalleled visibility on the road with the high brightness output of our LED headlights. Designed to illuminate the darkest corners and enhance nighttime driving, these headlights significantly improve your overall safety and awareness. The increased brightness ensures that you can navigate various terrains with confidence and clarity.
  • Waterproof Design
    Conquer any weather condition with our Lada Niva LED headlights conversion featuring a waterproof design. Whether facing rain, snow, or challenging off-road environments, these headlights are built to withstand the elements. The waterproof feature not only safeguards the internal components but also ensures consistent performance, making them a reliable choice for all-weather driving.
  • 4 Beam Modes
    Tailor your lighting to specific driving conditions with the versatility of four beam modes. From a focused spotlight for long-distance visibility to a wide-angle beam for better peripheral vision, these headlights adapt to various scenarios. The four beam modes offer a customized lighting experience, allowing you to optimize your visibility based on your driving needs.
  • Plug and Play Installation
    Upgrade your Lada Niva effortlessly with our plug-and-play LED headlights. The installation process is user-friendly and requires no complex wiring or modifications. With a seamless fit into the existing headlight housing, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced lighting technology without the need for professional installation. This convenient feature ensures a quick and hassle-free upgrade for a brighter and safer driving experience.


1977-2024 Lada Niva
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