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Exterior Decoration of Jeep Wrangler Sport

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Update time : 2019-11-14 16:13:03
A year ago we tried the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and it fascinated us. And days ago, when - oh, by chance - coincided with my vacation, I was able to handle the most accessible version of the Wrangler in United States for ten days: Sport. And yet, I found an approach where your purchase really makes sense. Pay attention, because the criticism reproduced below may be the excuse you were looking for.

Sport is not only the most accessible Wrangler in United States. Hoep that there are Jeep wrangler led headlights for options. It is also the only one that is marketed in our market with the short body, with only three doors. The Unlimited, the Unlimited Rubicon and the Willys all have the long, five-door chassis.

The Sport measures 4,223 meters, almost half a meter less than the Unlimited. The wheelbase was reduced by the same proportion.

In aesthetic terms, Sport takes all the prizes. His stamp is that of the classic Jeep that we have stored in the memory of our childhood. From Mash and Combat to Daisy Duke and the Sergeant of Cars. Despite being a 2014 model, its lines are as nostalgic as low aerodynamic (Cx of 0.49).

Of course, it comes standard with the removable roof. The rigid cover is made of fiberglass and is made up of three pieces: the two in front are removed by hand. For the rear, you have to unscrew six Torx and it takes at least two people to lift it. If you are surprised by the rain when you go out of the way, you have the resource of the canvas roof, which is rolled over the trunk.

The Sport fits the same Rubicon tires: Goodyear Wrangler 245 / 75R17. The help wheel is hung over the tailgate. Yes, you run the risk of denting another car in parking maneuvers. And yes, it is very exposed to theft. But in his defense it must be said that this wheel has been in that position for more than half a century. He is not an "adventurer" who tries to imitate the Jeep. This is the original post-post.
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