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Jeep Wrangler JT New Pick-up of the Wrangler

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Update time : 2021-01-21 15:37:25
The new generation of the Jeep Wrangler will debut a new variant of the pick-up body, which has been missing from the range for decades. The latest rumors suggest that the brand could rescue the Scrambler name for this version, which it used with the latest pick-up version marketed.

In November we will be able to meet the new JL generation of the Jeep Wrangler, a new generation that will bring a great technical update for the off-road vehicle, although its image and above all, its off-road capabilities, will be maintained with care by the American brand. Comparing the Jeep JK smoked tail lights with Jeep jl tail lights, they are almost the same.

One of the biggest novelties in the range, which is not a few, will be the new pick-up body variant. This open box version had been missing for decades from the off-road range, in fact, since it has the Wrangler name, it has never had this body option.

The new Wrangler pickup is codenamed JT, rather than JL, and will arrive shortly after the introduction of the regular range. So we can expect it for next year 2018.

In recent months, the majority of leaks of the model have come from the specializ ed forum JL Wrangler Forums, which has not only shown us the first leaked images of the model, as well as the entire composition of its range, they have also published the best recreations up to the date of the model, now including the Wrangler JT pick-up variant, which we can see in 2 and 4-door bodywork.

One of the latest rumors that appeared in this forum mentions the possibility of Jeep calling this pick-up version Scrambler, a name that disappeared with the release of the last pick-up version, with the CJ-8 generation of the off-road vehicle. Scrambler is a name that the brand registered in 2015 and that today we can find widely spread in the world of motorcycles, since with this denomination we find several models, as well as the name of a type, that of vintage street motorcycles with the appearance of old dirt bikes.

The new pick-up version of the Wrangler will be the new rival for the medium pick-up segment in the United States, so the elongated platform of the Wrangler JL on which it will be based will be similar in size to models such as the Chevrolet Colorado or the Toyota Tacoma. The Wrangler JT will have the same novelties of the new JL generation, such as new aluminum elements in its construction to reduce its weight or the rigid axles, as well as a mechanical range similar to that of the Wrangler, which was recently completely filtered.
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