Makes Jeep Wrangler Be An Exceptional Car in Summer

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Update time : 2020-07-31 16:29:15
The Wrangler has long since entered the Automotive Hall of Fame. Its lines inherited from its ancestor, the Willys, remain well marked and the military design of the machine remains associated with a symbol of freedom. The prominent mudguards, the legendary grille and its dimensions (L 4.75m / W 1.88m / H 1.87m) impress.

In detail, the rustic character is emphasized by exposed door hinges, exterior hood latches, and also by a huge front bumper that can even serve as a bench for the picnic! The long version that I tried is also equipped with a fully removable hard-top, which, in summer, really makes it an exceptional car ... Especially since the speakers are fixed on the arch, enough to put the atmosphere !

Access on board is facilitated by the step, small riders will feel like getting into a truck. Advantage of the prominent bodywork: in parking lots, no knocking of doors to fear, it is even more for others to pay attention! In fact, the rusticity of its exterior protects you from the usual inconveniences, you are at ease behind the wheel, in complete safety.

Rustic, but fair in appearance
Once on board, the first contact with the interior is also rustic, the dashboard is straight, the design is sketchy. In terms of the seat, the seats offer a comfortable, albeit fairly upright position. Jeep Wrangler led headlights must become more and more popular. So you're really high up, and the big, imposing hood in front of you feels like you're driving a barge.

The Wrangler exudes mixed feelings: as much the general appearance gives an impression of an old-fashioned 'Jeep', with its visible screws, the layout ori-ented towards the 'practical' rather than the aesthetic, as much its technological equipment the in tune with the times, especially with on-board electronic systems. This is the very big difference with the initial image of Jeep: this one is resolutely modern, the driving assistance is even there with the maintenance in the lane, the adaptive governor or the reading of the panels.

As for habitability: nothing to say, the front seats are spacious and the seats with multiple electric (and heated) adjustments will take care of you. The headroom allows large riders to feel comfortable, in this Wrangler we are well received, including at the rear, with (as always) a small downside for the central passenger who will benefit from a little firmer.

To go on vacation, no worries, the 598 L trunk will accommodate the family's luggage, note that the opening kinematics can be restrictive. There must be space behind the car to open the trunk in two parts, with a door to which the spare wheel is attached.
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