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Jeep Wrangler 2011: Even Better Especially Inside

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Update time : 2020-07-23 17:23:50
The great friend of the Defender, Class G and Land Cruiser is getting a makeover for the 2011 vintage and evolves smoothly on the exterior but more seriously on the interior. A real 4 × 4, a backpacker car that even allows itself to be even more versatile since the long chassis is available.

The bodywork evolves in details, colors and by the adoption of a body color hard top. Note all the same the appearance and generalization, on all models, of additional headlamps in the center of the front bumper. Mechanically no change announced for the models intended for the European market since we will find the L4 2.8 CRD FAP of 177 horses, 460 Nm with the BVA5 (410 Nm with the BVM5) but it seems that the emissions and the consumption are changing at the decrease for next year but no data is available for the moment and we should learn a little more during the World Cup.

The 2011 Jeep Wrangler evolves much more clearly in the passenger compartment and we are pleased to discover a new, revised, corrected, improved and rounded dashboard. It also benefits from a new, much more flattering finish that gives it a more opulent look. In this sense, the Jeep Wrangler follows the path traced by the G-Class, which from rustic has become luxurious. Different from Jeep Wrangler 2011, the Jeep jl uses 9 inch Jeep JL headlights but not 7 inch headlights. Below, I offer you an image (basic finish without mossy plastic) which will allow you to get an idea of ​​the changes that are taking place these days on the Jeep.

We thus discover a new steering wheel, a new central console, a new radio installation, the appearance of a USB connection, a Bluetooth connection which is used both for the telephone and for audio listening.

We also note the arrival of new armrests, a new arrangement of controls, controlled air conditioning and to brighten up the interior of the car, the rear window has been enlarged which no one will complain about. The 2011 vintage also saw the appearance of new colors:

- Bright White, Blue Cosmos, Deep Red Cherry, Detonator Yellow and a very nice Sahara Tan.

 In principle, the range of finishes should not change too much and with the 2011 vintage we should find the Sport, Sahara, Rubycon and Unlimited equipment levels (+ the Gd Luxe Overland version). An improvement which is pleasing and which makes this real 4 × 4 even more attractive, which is not afraid of mud, rain or sand and even less fording crossings! a happiness that can be enjoyed with the family and now with a little more comfort! To review very quickly with the details and videos.
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