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New Yamaha MT-07 2018: Price, Colors and Technical Data

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Update time : 2022-05-13 14:52:32
Yamaha renews for 2018 one of its flagships in the world, the MT-07, which has sold almost 80,000 units in just four years.

The new Yamaha MT-07 2018 was presented at the EICMA 2017. The naked middle of the house of the three fingerboards receives a facelift for the next course with the intention of maintaining its excellent commercial performance both in Europe and in the world. . Not surprisingly, in our country it is establishing itself as one of the best-selling non-scooter motorcycles.

Since its creation in 2013, the MT-07 has immediately captivated drivers who are looking for a vehicle that is very valid for day-to-day use and is also capable of offering formidable dynamic behavior thanks to the power delivery of its crossplane-type twin-cylinder engine. (74.8 CV) and 182 kg of weight. Now it is time to upgrade the motobike with Yamaha MT 07 led headlight for 2014-2017 models.

Yamaha MT 07 Led Headlight

In Yamaha they affirm that the chassis has changed in the new MT-07. This new design presents an improved appearance, as well as the air intakes, which also change their shape to convey greater sportiness. Along the same lines, the suspensions have been revised and so has the driving position. A set of changes that have the same common denominator, to make the driving of this Japanese twin-cylinder more sporty.

Taking its sister MT-09 as a reference, the new Yamaha MT-07 2018 has also modified the design of its headlight, although it continues to maintain a different design line from the two top-of-the-range models. The rear light, for its part, does imitate the same aesthetic pattern as that of the MT-09.

Yamaha has already announced the official price of the new MT-07 2018. It will be sold for 6,799 euros and will come with two versions, one limited so that it can be driven with the A2 license limited to 35 kW and another that can only be driven in possession of the license A.

The 2018 version of the Yamaha MT-07 will arrive in dealerships around March and will be available in three new colors: Yamaha Blue, Tech Black and Night Fluor.
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