Completely Equip Your KTM 1290 Super Adventure with Offroad Accessories

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Update time : 2022-05-20 16:56:11
Online store already has a wide range of accessories for the new KTM 1290 Super Adventure. Numerous parts are also in the works to make the big touring enduro even more suitable for touring and off-roading.

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure not only lives up to its name, but also practically challenges its rider to seek out the big adventure with it.

Its twin-cylinder engine offers more than enough power for long distances, while riding modes help take the power safely off-road. The "R" version also comes with a long-stroke chassis with large 21/18-inch m-spoke wheels that convinces both on dirt roads and rough trails.

Riders who accept the Adventure challenge can get accessories for unforgettable adventures.
Protective gear for your adventures

For adventurous trail rides, solid protective gear is a must.

The 1290 Super Adventure in the R version is equipped with a protector as standard, but it goes further and offers an extension that provides protection to the fairing parts, even in the toughest applications.

A solid engine guard is also a must for off-road riding. More offroad accessories like KTM exc led headlight, you can find on our site. Also for the Super Adventure, there is the tried-and-tested "Expedition" skid plate made of aluminum, which becomes a skid plate thanks to the characteristic plastic rails on its underside.

Among the must-haves in terms of protection are also the KTM 1290 Super Adv protectors, headlight protectors and hand protectors, which are of course available. In addition to the tried and tested shatterproof plastic hand guard, there is also the high-end Hand Guard for the 1290. This features a super robust forged aluminum bracket for protection of the handlebar frames and spoilers to provide protection from the elements. suitable for tourism.

The protection elements for the ABS sensor and the rear brake fluid reservoir complete the range of protectors.

Due to its enormous ability to travel long distances, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is predestined for epic journeys. So that the rider can also store ample luggage, it has developed the ZEGA aluminum pannier system, tested ten thousand times.

ZEGA Evo X aluminum pannier system for the Adventure. The so-called special system makes particularly effective use of the available space, as the luggage rack and the silencer case, thus combining maximum volume with mini-mum width with mini-mum width. Everything else remains the same: indestructible 18-millimeter-thick stainless steel, 1.5-millimeter-thick aluminum housing, equipped with probably the most robust one-handed locking system.
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