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Rubicon Trail the Legendary Jeep Route

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Update time : 2021-05-21 17:21:02
The Rubicon Trail is the most famous off-road route, in it the Jeep 4 × 4 are tested. Learn more about this path.


In the heart of California, United States, the Sierra Nevada is located. In it, you will find one of the most challenging routes for Jeep 4x4s and off-road trucks: the Rubicon Trail. In the 2018 JL version, our Jeep jl sequential turn signals are welcomed by most of Wrangler owners. And they do like the function of sequential turn signals.

This route is 35.4 km (22 miles) long. From the west it starts at Georgetown. After the first part of the journey, you reach Wentworth Springs, where the maintenance-free part of the trail begins. This section runs alongside Loon Lake and into the Tahoe Forest, a beautiful national park. Continue until you reach the McKinney Rubicon Springs Trail, which ends at Lake Tahoe at the other end of this trail.

The Rubicon Trail is characterized by its rocky terrain, with huge stones. Some of these obstacles are famous and even have a name and can be located on maps of the area.

Among the obstacles that off-road trucks must face are Silby Rock, Cadillac Hill or the Soup Bowl. But that's not the only reason to visit the Rubicon Trail. While you overcome all these barriers, the views offered by this route, full of mountains and trees, will captivate your gaze. So be sure to stop at a camping area to enjoy the surroundings (and, of course, maintain your Jeep 4x4).


The road was always important in the area, but it was until August 1953 that the first excursion was made aboard 55 4x4 Jeeps. An event that has been repeated every year since then, at the end of July

Another reason this site is famous is for being the testing ground for Jeep 4x4s to earn trail rated certification. Also, models like the wrangler rubicon and Gladiator Rubicon get their name from this route.

The popularity of this route has even made it completely photographed by Google Maps, so you can see it now, using the street view function from any device.

The landscape of the Rubicon Trail and its massive rocks make it a unique place to push off-road trucks to the limit. As a jeepero and adventure lover, it is a place that you must visit at least once. If you liked to know a little about this route and you are hungry for more adventures, keep reading our blog, with the latest news from the Jeep world. 
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