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Things that You Will Understand Only If You Are Jeepero

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Update time : 2021-07-02 16:49:13
Having a Jeep is not like having any other car, it is something special. Just hearing that word makes your eyes light up and no matter how hard you try to explain it, people don't understand why.

For example, you've probably met someone who wonders why your 4x4 truck is so dirty. But when you've crossed rivers, come out of bogs, climbed dusty slopes, and will do it again next week, sometimes it's better to leave it that way. One pair of Jeep jl headlights are necessary for offroad purpose. And not to mention your dashboard or the seats, it's just something you can't understand if you're not driving an off-road Jeep.

Beyond the dust on the body and dash of your Jeep, there is something that distinguishes it from all and that gives it a unique personality: the paint and the stickers.

While many resent the idea of ​​stamping their car, you appreciate these things. You got excited when you got to know jeepography because you know that each sticker is a memory and that behind each one there is a story to tell. Maybe that time your 4x4 truck was flooding or when you had to tow one of your teammates who was trapped.

Some people have children, others prefer cats, you a Jeep. It's not uncommon for you to have lots of images of him and become so obsessed with capturing the perfect photo. Although many do not understand it.

Of course, children must be pampered. Nothing like buying new accessories and modifying it to improve its off-road characteristics. You may spend a little more, but how do you say no to that new suspension?

Owning an off-road Jeep is not like having any other 4x4 truck. To have one is to be part of a family of crazy people just like you.

Every adventure with your Jeep, every meeting with your group of jeeperos and every moment you spend with that vehicle are something special that you will never forget. We know it and with this idea we created a space to talk about all those things that a jeepero wants to know. 
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