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What Must Be Checked in Preventive Motorcycle Maintenance

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Update time : 2020-01-10 11:46:10
As one of the most important components of the motorcycle, engine lubrication needs to be checked every 1,000 kilometers driven. This care extends the service life of parts, since the oil is intended to prevent excessive wear and reduce friction.
Follow your Harley-Davidson manual with the oil specifications for your model and the deadline for replacement.

Tires and wheels
Preventive tire maintenance should be done every 15 days at most. This care includes simply checking with the naked eye the surface conditions of each tire, such as the presence of nails, as well as the calibration, always with a cold tire.
In addition, checking the wheels is a way to prevent air leakage due to cracking or other damage.

Always be aware of the condition of the cables and if they are connected. The durability of these components can be increased by using fine oil.

Led headlights for Harley Davidson motorcycles shoule be checked before driving on road, so that make sure you can be safe on road.

Preventive battery maintenance has more to do with the habits you have when using your motorcycle. Something that greatly shortens its service life is the custom of starting the engine with the headlight on.
Pay attention to signs that may indicate part problems: engine idling when starting electric and idling failures. Seek authorized service as soon as you see these situations in your Harley-Davidson to avoid higher expenses.

Fuel, oil and air filters should be part of preventive maintenance. When they are very worn or dirty they cannot avoid dust and debris, which can be fatal to the engine. Make changes according to the recommendation of your motorcycle manual.

The chain needs lubrication every 500 kilometers driven (variation may occur from one model to another) and its clearance should be checked every 1,000 kilometers. However, if you experience heavy rainfall, flooding, dusty trails or very hot days, lubricate before the recommended deadline.

The brake system shall be inspected every 1,000 kilometers driven, which includes the brake pads. When they are less than 1 millimeter thick, replace with a reliable mechanic.
Remember that each model has its own specifications regarding the drum, for example. Therefore, preventive maintenance by a Harley-Davidson motorcycle professional is essential for proper brake operation.

Now that you know what to check for preventative motorcycle maintenance, get to know our motorcycle accessories. At Morsun Harley-Davidson you choose through the website which professional will offer best aftermarket headlights and fog lights.
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