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Jeep Wrangler in Off-Road Park

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Update time : 2020-01-03 16:25:06
The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon found in the garage (read introduction) is among the most capable and sophisticated all-terrain vehicles offered today in Argentina. All of the mechanical, electronic and style solutions you've are made with simply one objective: that nothing stops you inside your path.

Therefore, before submitting our unit towards the off-road test, we spent a complete mid-day in the Off-Road Park that Chrysler Argentina rode for that 4th consecutive year. For 4x4 fans, it's like likely to Disney, however in Jeep.

The Off-Road Park is situated at kilometer 407 of Route 11, on the 14-hectare site. It become a much safer option to the concept of off-road, because of the more and more frequent accidents of vacationers in Pinamar Norte dunes.

In Caril¡§?, they of instructors responsible for Enrique Cammarata (former Camel Trophy), generate a test circuit with 35 obstacles for Sports utility vehicle-type vehicles (for example Patriot and Compass), pick-ups (like the new Ram) and extreme terrain , like Wrangler Rubicon.

The park includes a number of two Ram and 7 Jeep pick-ups, it provides a two-day course (with survival, orientation and first-aid exercises) that users can perform using their own vehicles. Both Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler JL can install 9 inch Jeep Wrangler led headlights for upgrade.

However the most fascinating factor ended up being to test within the Rubicon some devices which are unique within their key in our market.

* Sway Bar: The leading axle from the Rubicon comes with an electromagnet system that enables you to definitely temporarily disconnect the stabilizer bar in the suspension. In this manner, the leading suspension travel is instantly elevated, so the wheels rest on the floor as enough time as you possibly can. Using the Sway Bar button activated, the leading suspension travel increases by 25%.

* Rock Trac: There are lots of 4x4 vehicles in Argentina with rear differential lock, however the Wrangler Rubicon is the only person offered today with two-axis locking (another was the stopped Land Rover Defender). It's not suggested to be used on dry pavement (the steering sheds almost completely, when turning all wheels in the same speed) and it is reserved just for extreme situations: ways to get from in the ditch. Or climb the crater of the erupting volcano.

* Dana axes: All Wranglers have robust Dana 44 axles around the rear axle, however the Rubicon is the only person which equips it around the front axle. Along with the Rock Trac system, the drive shafts operate in first gear in low gear, having a four to 1 ratio. This guarantees that every wheel will get 86.75 Nm of direct torque to guarantee the necessary thrust within the most complex situations. Just like a nuclear explosion, for instance.

* Rock Rails: All Rubicon basses have special protection. The concept would be to safeguard the transmission and chassis aspects of possible blows. And contains specifically designed steel rails to ensure that, if required, the belly from the vehicle will drag on the floor without causing harm to the automobile.
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