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Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Receives Off-road Seal

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Update time : 2019-12-27 16:48:54
Jeep as a reference brand of the universe of 4 × 4 vehicles, brings to the country, a model in its Trailhawk version for the first time. The brand uses this name for the versions that are developed for those who are looking for a completely off-road vehicle. It is a Trail Rated vehicle, which means that the model has undergone severe off-road tests in which the following elements are evaluated: traction, ground clearance, off-road articulation, maneuverability and wading capacity.

Only the most capable vehicles for off-road are those that receive this seal. The Jeep brand models that received this certification were: Cherokee Trailhawk, Wrangler Unlimited and Rubicon and now, manufactured in Brazil, the Renegade Trailhawk. You can find the Jeep wrangler led headlights from this supplier.

This gives the Renegade the small SUV seal with the best 4 × 4 capacity in the category. It has:

· Jeep Active Drive Low System: autonomous full-time system without driver intervention, automatically controlled. Under normal conditions, all available torque is sent to the front axle while monitoring the possible speed difference between the axles. If there is a change in the wheel rotation, the system will send torque in proportion to the RDM rear axle through the PTU power transfer unit. This system reduces energy loss and improves fuel efficiency. With the LOW function, a low range is also added outside the PTU - Force Transfer Unit -. In 4-Low mode both axles are locked together and the torque is sent to the 4 wheels by the PTU and the RDM keeping the automatic transmission in first gear.

· Selec Terrain: this model includes the well-known terrain selection modes (SNOW-Snow, SAND-Arena and MUD-Mud) that work by distributing the torque to the wheels selectively, always ensuring the best traction quality of the wheels to the floor, but ROCK-Stone mode adds. Mode developed to improve performance on this type of surface, connect the 4 × 4 full time, deactivate the stability control and allow greater wheel slippage, both in accelerations and braking. It will also distribute the torque between the front and rear axles, and will also be coupled to the first reduced gear by increasing the traction capacity through the Brake Lock Differential BLD. The ROCK mode is indicated for routes that have stone, gravel, either firm or loose and obstacles such as large erosions.

· Hill Descent Control assistant: Monitor the throttle on steep terrain and automatically apply your car's brakes for added safety and smoothness.

Based on a combination of attributes that include a unique all-terrain capability, a modern fuel-efficient engine and a design with all the authenticity of the brand. The model also offers exceptional driving dynamics, outdoor freedom and a wide range of advanced safety technology.

Outside, xenon headlights, 17 ”wheels with mixed wheels for use on all terrains, longitudinal roof bars and unique details of the version stand out: red tow hooks (two front / one rear ), plotted bonnet, greater ground clearance (220 mm), more aggressive attack and exit angles (31.3 ° and 33 ° respectively).

Inside, the version has a 7 ”TFT color on-board computer, automatic bi-zone climate control, 5” Uconnect multimedia control panel with touch screen, backup camera and navigator, button-on (Keyless Enter-n-Go system ), electric parking brake and seats upholstered with leather.

The Jeep Renegade features outstanding safety features: 7 airbags that cover the entire interior of the vehicle, voice recognition system, HSA, HDC, stability control and many other elements that help the driver and passengers. It is they who make the Jeep Renegade the first vehicle manufactured in Brazil to receive the highest safety score for adult and child passengers, according to Latin NCAP.
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