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Jeep May be Unveiling A Bigger and Different New Wrangler

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Update time : 2021-07-16 17:20:58
The Jeep Wrangler is undergoing a transformation like we've never seen before. The heir to the mythical Jeep Wyllis that achieved relentless fame during the Second World War has even received in 2021 a plug-in hybrid version and the confirmation of a 100% electric variant.

They at Jeep know that their fans continue to trust the Wrangler as one of the best 4x4s on the market, and now there is very likely an even more capable version on the way. To make your vehicle more attractive, installing the Jeep jl rgb halo headlights will be helpful.

The guys at Jeep have gone cryptic. The American firm is releasing a series of teasers in which apart from the image of a Wrangler they are not letting us see too much. Or if. It is difficult to be clear about it because when brands go cryptic, nothing is certain.

The seven-bar firm first released a photo of a sign in the middle of nowhere with the text "a sign of things to come," the silhouette of a convertible Wrangler, an up arrow and the number 40.4.

In second place, the brand launched another image yesterday with the rear of a Wrangler, the text "the difference is great" and the number 47.4, in addition to showing a spare tire fitted with a specific offroad tire with the Wrangler inscription on the side.

Putting it together here and there, the most plausible option is that Jeep is developing an even more capable Wrangler for off-road routing and that these numbers correspond to the offroad angles of the American SUV.

In the best of cases, the Unlimited version of the Jeep Wrangler has a height of 30.8º and 36.4º in the angles of attack and departure respectively, while 40.4º and 47.4º could be achieved with longer suspensions. . It is not an unreasonable figure, and even less if we compare it with another very capable offroad car like a Suzuki Jimny: 37 and 49º.

Looking at the spare wheel, the idea of ​​using a larger diameter shoe can be suppressed, although it is surprising that they have not chosen to mount beadlock rims if it is really going to be an even more hooligan Wrangler.

Even these clues can mean something very different. At the moment we only have the option of waiting, although it will not be too long. If they publish a new track every two days, there are only a few hours left so that we may know a third number associated with the ventral angle or our whole principle is dismantled. 
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