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Signs that You should Review Your Suspension

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Update time : 2021-04-29 16:23:00
With use, your suspension wears out. If your Jeep shows any of these symptoms you should go for a checkup.


Within the components of your Jeep 4x4, the suspension is one of the systems that gives you greater comfort, by reducing vibrations from the road. It is important to keep it in perfect condition, especially if you like to go off-road. Pay attention to these signs of wear.

1. Excessive bouncing and vibrations

If even uneven asphalt makes your Jeep 4x4 shake like jelly, chances are you should have your suspension checked. If you “feel” the bumps too much, it may be the springs, while if you feel vibrations, it may be your absorbers, but a full service does not hurt. Then you may need a pair of anti vibration Jeep Wrangler led headlights for offroad purpose.

2. Uneven tire wear

Take a good look at your tires. If you notice that any of them are more worn on one side, it could be your suspension. Also check the pressure of your tires, inflating them more or less than recommended, also causes unusual wear.

3. Strange noises

If when going through potholes you hear sounds of metallic knocks or grinding, it is very likely that some element of your suspension is not working properly. An example could be your shocks not having enough pressure, so other components collide with each other.


Take a look at your Jeep off-road. If one of the sides is lower than the other, or if the front or rear are higher than the rest of the vehicle, it is urgent that you have it checked.

But beware, it is not recommended to drive it in that condition, as it can be risky.

5. Lean / jerk

When braking or cornering, the suspension must hold the vehicle steady. If you feel your car lean forward when braking, or if you feel it lean or jerk during cornering, your suspension may need a check.

Take care of the suspension of your Jeep 4x4

Keeping your suspension in proper condition is vital to protecting you, your passengers, and the other components of your vehicle. At service appointments for your Jeep all-terrain, the suspension is usually checked, so if you follow these routine checks, you will most likely not have any problems. On the other hand, if you constantly go off-road, it is recommended that you check components such as the shocks absorbers every 20,000 km or if they present any of the aforementioned signs. 
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