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The BMW F800GS Makes a Very Big Qualitative Leap

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Update time : 2021-08-27 16:42:49
As I indicated at the beginning, despite the changes, the F800GS maintains intact that philosophy of a motorcycle for everything and everyone, which stands out for its low seat height and its customization possibilities. The standard seat is located 815 mm from the ground, so it is easy to support both feet, although not with both floors, someone my height -165 cm-. The posture is very comfortable on the move, with your back upright, the handlebar positioned at an ideal height with which you can change your posture on the seat and delay fatigue as long as possible on long journeys. The legs are not excessively flexed on the footpegs, and its instrumentation is easy to read without barely lowering your head.

An instrumentation, by the way, which in the tested version had the 6.5 ”color TFT multifunction screen, a very interesting option called Connected Ride and which allows connectivity between motorcycle and rider via smartphone without the need for cables. .

bmw F800GS 2018 instrumentation The only thing I have missed has been a little more aerodynamic protection for the chest and head, because the screen is too low to be a motorcycle designed to circulate mainly on the road. The lateral protection is correct, the legs being well protected from the wind.
Other optional equipment

The BMW F800GS optionally has an intelligent emergency call, an “eCall” system that is activated automatically and / or manually in an emergency, sending the motorcycle's position data, starting the rescue service. via the BMW Call Center. We can say that it works, because one of the motorcycles in the presentation crashed and in a matter of seconds the voice of a person could be heard asking if help was needed. Communication is done using a speaker and microphone built into the system.

Another option available is the integral bmw f800gs LED headlight with daytime running light, also made of LED, consisting of two units for low beam and high beam, and four units for daytime running light and side. The image that the motorcycle acquires in daylight is very striking thanks to the inverted fork design.
Bmw f800gs led headlight

bmw F800GS 2018 illumination of gasoline or activate the anti-theft device. To do this, the “smartkey” must always be at a distance of less than two meters from the motorcycle.

Finally, remember that BMW offers a large number of accessories and packages that include some of these options, in addition to those mentioned above, such as additional driving modes and electronic control of the suspensions, so the level of customization is one of the most extensive in its category.
Opinion and valuation

The BMW F800GS makes a very big qualitative leap, now becoming one of the most advanced trail asphalt in its segment. It has improved a lot in its engine, now more cheerful than the previous one and that is benefited by its driving modes, and in the cycle part, with a very noble chassis and more refined suspensions.

At present there is no motorcycle of its most advanced category from a technological point of view, although to fully equip it you have to go through the box as many of its components are optional.

bmw F800GS 2018 opinion valuation The possibility of being limited for the A-2 license is another important aspect and will attract a large public who wants a versatile motorcycle to go to work every day and to travel, facet in which the F800GS develops perfectly thanks to its running comfort and size.

Now it is only necessary for the user to see in it that great bike that it is and not treat it as the “little sister” of the F 850 ​​GS. The time has come for the F800GS to go its own way. 
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