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Used Jeep Renegade or Ford Kuga, which is the Better Option?

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Update time : 2022-04-29 14:32:27
Which is the better option, the second-hand Jeep Renegade or the Ford Kuga? We analyze how these two SUV models are on the used market.

The used car market is an alternative for thousands of drivers looking to buy a car and save some money. Today we are going to analyze these two options to determine which is the best purchase option: Jeep Renegade or second-hand Ford Kuga?

These two SUVs belong to different segments. While the first is a B-segment SUV, the second is a compact segment SUV. However, they can be perfect options for a driver who is on a budget and open to different options.

The first of the models that we analyze is the second-hand Jeep Renegade. The model was launched on the market in 2014, and offers a body with a length of 4,236 mm, a width of 1,805 mm and a height of 1,667 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm. You may upgrade your vehicle with Jeep Renegade halo headlights, this will improve your driving experience with a second hand car.

The trunk has a volumetric capacity of 351 liters, expandable to 1,297 liters by folding down the second row of seats in an interior with capacity for up to five passengers.

At its launch it was offered with 140 hp 1.4 MultiAir gasoline engines and a 110 hp 1.6-liter. Jeep also offered diesel mechanics, such as the 120 hp 1.6 MultiJet or the 120, 140 and 170 hp 2.0 Multijet. There were manual or automatic transmissions, as well as front-wheel drive or 4x4 versions.

After the restyling of 2019, the mechanical offer changed completely. Currently there are gasoline engines such as the 1.0 Turbo with 120 hp and the 1.3 Turbo with 150 hp. The only diesel available is the 1.6 MultiJet with 130 hp. There are eight-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

The big news was the arrival of the Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid. It has a propulsion system that develops 240 hp, homologates an average consumption of 2.0 liters per 100 km and an electric range of 44 km. It has the DGT environmental label 0 Emissions.

As for prices, the new Jeep Renegade is available from 19,384 euros. However, in the second-hand market you will find units, regardless of the year of registration or the mileage, from 13,000 euros.

In this case, we focus on the second generation of the Ford Kuga, which was launched on the market in 2013 and was officially discontinued in 2019 to make way for the third generation of the Ford SUV.

This model offered a body 4,531 mm long, 1,838 mm wide and 1,703 mm high, all on a platform with a 2,690 mm wheelbase. The interior of up to five passengers gives way to a trunk of 456 liters expandable up to 1,603 liters.

On a mechanical level, the Kuga was available with the 120, 150 and 180 hp 1.5 EcoBoost petrol engine. Diesel engines based on the 2.0 TDCI offered 120, 150 and 180 hp. It was available with six-speed manual or automatic transmissions, as well as front-wheel drive or 4x4 versions.

The second-generation Ford Kuga has been out of print for two years. If you want to buy a new Kuga, you have to choose the third generation, available from 22,615 euros. A second-hand unit starts from about 10,000 euros regardless of the mileage or the year of registration.

If your budget is more limited, the Ford Kuga is an option, but you should keep in mind that its engines will have a higher accumulated mileage. However, the Jeep Renegade is a more current car and it is easy to find it for a little more money with fewer kilometers.

On the contrary, if it is a matter of space and trunk, the Ford is a larger vehicle, with reliable and efficient engines. The Renegade, on the other hand, offers smaller engines, ideal for shorter commutes and in urban settings.
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